Complicated Grief

The death of a loved one can be very distressing.  And yet, most bereaved individuals ultimately adapt to the loss of their loved one.  However, even though there is no "right" way to grieve or length of time it "should" take, some mourners feel “stuck” in their grief.  They have difficulty accepting the reality of the loss, and struggle to move forward in creating a new life for themselves. They feel that life is meaningless without their loved one. They may feel confused about their role in life, or feel numb, shocked, bitter, angry, or experience other distressing emotions or depressive symptoms.

My background, which includes rigorous graduate training guided by the scientist/practitioner model, a well-established program of grief-related research, substantial clinical experience working with clients who have suffered a variety of types of losses, and a passion for helping highly distressed bereaved individuals gives me the confidence necessary to assist mourners in maneuvering through a difficult loss and toward a positive future.